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Company background

The company FJORD BOHEMIA s.r.o.   has been an integral part of the investment group IPC since May 2022. It is one of the largest fish processors in Central Europe due to its production capacity.


Our modern production - logistics complex with an area of 5000m2 is located on the northern edge of the capital Prague with a direct connection to the D8 highway (Prague - Dresden).


FJORD BOHEMIA provides a comprehensive service for the delivery of chilled and frozen fish and seafood called "FISH HUB" on this platform. Imports from all over the world are combined here, with a sophisticated   quality control system, modern storage, JUT-IN-TIME logistics and state-of-the-art production and packaging with the assistance of state-of-the-art MARELL, ULMA and BIZERBA technologies. The icing on the imaginary cake of our services is the possibility of smoking your own fish both hot and cold.


We can prepare a turnkey service for each customer exactly according to their needs and requirements.


Zázemí společnosti
Mise & Vize

Mission & Vision


As WE at Fjord Bohemia are aware that our products affect a large part of society, we want to supply all our customers only those products of which we are absolutely sure of their quality and freshness.



Our commitment, which focuses primarily on QUALITY, STABILITY AND FRESHNESS, is our mission and each of our employees is aware that only quality and 100% performance on their part will lead to a great result.

We very carefully focus on projects and resources that will not only lead to higher quality products, but we also focus on the maximum possible sustainability of our activities, which we have confirmed with our commitment to the Responsible Sourcing (RSP) program.

We want to offer our partners the opportunity to have an "All in one" partner who is able to satisfy their needs in terms of high-volume products and at the same time is FLEXIBLE enough to realize small batches of unique products with high added value. This is achieved by a wide range of instrumentation, the mentality of all company employees where "NOTHING IS A PROBLEM" and the policy "WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOLUTIONS AND NOT REASONS WHY IT CAN'T WORK"

If there is something that can be considered as the MOTTO of the company, it is the fact that if a customer wants a fresher product than from Fjord Bohemia, then he has to catch and process this product himself.

We want to be the main platform across the region to offer our business partners the opportunity to get the best raw materials and products.

Being part of a strong financial group allows us to be a market leader in sustainability, implementation technologies and instrumentation.

With every decision we make, we try to ensure that this decision leads to the whole company or cooperation with a partner moving forward and  all of this will lead to the improvement of the overall functioning of the company.

Historie společnosti

History of the company


Fjord Bohemia was founded in 1999 as a small company

Its main activity was the distribution of fresh fish to the Czech market, especially to restaurants, hotels and direct customers. Another activity that our company has maintained until today is smoking salmon in a natural and traditional way on beech wood, without additional preservatives, including their distribution.


Due to the rapidly growing market for fresh fish, the idea arose in 2006 to establish a service platform right in the heart of Europe in Prague, which will specialize in the processing of all fish and other marine products to meet the demands of the ever-growing market.


Fjord Bohemia is the connecting link between suppliers and their final clients, which brings many opportunities for cooperation and also new possibilities in the fresh fish market. This connecting concept is a wide range of services for both suppliers and customers. Our overall vision is to create synergies between all possible parties. Based on this effort, these parties can then use the current network and thus the entire supply chain is closed.

The professionalism of our team, based on more than 10 years of experience in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, leaves no room for any doubts.


Fjord Bohemia was taken over by Zephyr Phish s.r.o. and Nebanka s.r.o. They intend to modernize and streamline the whole operation and continue to improve and develop all the provided services.

The results are amazing, due to the diversification of our offer, the annual order volumes are constantly growing, along with new products from new countries and new ideas - it is simply a rapidly developing market.

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